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S ymmetry + D istinctive + C ontrast

About SDC

SDC represents the three core design concepts of our professional design team: Symmetry (symmetric) + Distinctive (unique) + Contrast (contrast)

Symmetry (Symmetry)

Symmetry is a common visual effect in interior design. Through visual symmetry, a comfortable and familiar feeling can be achieved. On the contrary, the proper use of asymmetry (Asymmetry) can add a bit of fun to the interior design. Balance is the proper allocation of different visual elements to achieve visual balance.


Distinctive (Unique)

SDC Interiors believes that every home fully presents the characteristics and personality of the head of the household. Every excellent interior design is derived from the concept of the head of the household, coupled with our craftsmanship, talent and dedication to meticulousness, combined with the top materials, can create the best home living environment. SDC Interiors can create a home just for you.


Contrast (contrast)

Using contrast effects can make the interior design more eye-catching and pleasing to the eye. Commonly used contrasts include color depth, object matching, color temperature, pattern, texture, shape and size, and so on.

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